Dispute on Water Distribution

Hasan and Rahima are waiting for Lalo mama to come and lead them to the corridors of the castle. They see some farmers irrigating lands in the yard of the castle and all of them are calm. Hasan says that their neighbors fought on water some days back.

Lalo Mama arrives and welcomes his guests. He leads them to the corridors of the castle. Hasan shares the issue with him. Lalo Mama opens a window for their information.


The reporter of the castle is talking to some youths. Ghafoor, a resident of Logar province says: “One day I returned water to our land for irrigation and went home. After a while, when I returned back, our neighbor had blocked the water and was irrigating his own land. A quarrel took place between us. He beat me and my head broke my head.”

Lalo Mama closes the window. Rahima asks Lalo Mana how could one solve these problems.

Lalo Mama says that youths could help to solve such problems and opens another window for their information.


Naim is angry and comes home, because Sharif took his  watering turn. He  takes shovel and wants to fight with Sharif, son of their neighbor. Naim’s sister, Shogofa asks him to be patient, but he doesn’t accept and goes toward Sharif’s land. Along the way, his cousin, Ahmad comes and prevents him from quarrel. He says to Naim that they could share their problems with their elders and they would find a solution for them.