Written by: Najia Nijat

Adila goes with her brother, Ilyas to the castle. Tears come out from Adila’s eyes along the way. Ilyas asks her why she doesn’t put on her eyeglasses. Adila says that if she wears eyeglasses, some people might look at her and she would be ashamed.

Lalo Mama comes and welcomes his guests and takes them inside the castle and there he asks about their discussion. Ilyas says that the doctor advised Adila to wear eyeglasses but she is ashamed to wear eyeglasses. Lalo Mama opens a window about this issue for their information.


 In the window, the reporter of the castle says that some opticians advise eyeglasses to some people due to different eye problems but youths are ashamed to wear eyeglasses and this issue might cause some problems to them. Then the reporter asks some juveniles about wearing eyeglasses.

Frishta, a resident of Maidan-Wardak province says, “Once my eyesight was increased more than the normal range and the physician advised me eyeglasses. I was ashamed to wear eyeglasses and my mother was also telling me not to wear my eyeglasses when guests come to our home and I was not regularly wearing them. When I went for the second time to the doctor, he said that my eye problem is increased and he advised me to wear eyeglasses for a long time.”

Hizbullah, another resident of Maidan-Wardak province says, “I had been always suffering from headache and my eyes were red. The doctor advised me eyeglasses but I was ashamed of wearing them and now I faced more eye problems.”

How do people solve this issue?

Madina, a resident of Kabul city says, “When I was to study a book, water was coming from my eyes. When the doctor visited my eyes, he advised me eyeglasses. I was regularly wearing the eyeglasses for 6 months and now my eyes are better and I don’t need to wear eyeglasses anymore.”

Masooda, a resident of Kandahar province says, “I was suffering from my eye deviation. The doctor advised me to wear eyeglasses. Once one of my friends mocked me for wearing eyeglasses. I told her that my eye has some problems and I have to wear eyeglasses. After that day, no one mocked me.”

Lalo Mama closes the window. Adila takes out her eyeglasses from her purse and wears them. Lalo Mama and Ilyas appreciate her. Adila asks Iyas to release her hair from the seat. Lalo Mama says that he remembers the world longest hair teenager. Adila wants to know about her. Lalo Mama opens another window for their information.


In the window, the longest hair girl is shown on a TV screen. The spokesman gives the following information about this girl.

Nilanshi Patel has broken Guinness World Records as a teenager with the longest hair at 1.9m long. Though she goes through a rigorous process to keep the hair healthy, Nilanshi said she hopes to get the longest hair prize for the adult category. The 17-year-old girl said she is very proud of how popular her thick mane has made her in the world. Nilanshi Patel uses one whole hour to comb it. She won Guinness World Record for the hair on two different occasions. The first time Nilanshi won the record on Wednesday, November 21, 2018, she did with 1.71m long hair.”

When asked about the secret behind her long hair, she applies a homemade hair oil that her mother prepares with some secret ingredients.

"I love my hair, I never want to get my hair chopped. It was my mom's dream to get my name in Guinness book of the world record.”

On being asked about her hair care regime, Nilanshi said that she washes her hair once in a week and it takes about half an hour for her hair to dry.

Lalo Mama closes this window too.