The Benefits of Cauliflower for Health

written by: Muhammad Anwar Andar

First Lane:

Madina is eating bread. His brother, Hassan asks that why she is eating bread without food. Madina says that her mother has cooked cauliflower and she doesn’t like it.

Peddler arrives and the children welcome him. Peddler asks about their argument. Madina shares the issue cauliflower with him. Peddler brings out the talking box from his bag.

A child says, “My mother cooks cauliflower but I don’t like it.”

Some other children says the same things about cauliflower.

Madina says that cauliflower doesn’t have any benefit to health. A voice comes from inside the bag of the peddler that says: “I have many benefits to health.”

Children asks about the voice. Peddler says that it was the voice of a magic cauliflower then the peddler casts spell on the bag and big cauliflower comes out from the bag.

The peddler wants the children to ask their questions about cauliflower.

The children ask about the benefit of cauliflower. Cauliflower says, “Human body needs more vitamin C in cold weather and I am rich of vitamin C.I purifies blood; help stomach to be healthy and I keep your skin fresh and I also make strong your hair.”

Children like the information and peddler goes to the next lane.

Second Lane:

Razia is laughing and she is looking to a cow moving her tail in the alley. Her brother, Aslam asks the reason. Razia says that she remember a joke about the cow.

Peddler arrives and children welcome him. Peddler asks about Razia’s laughing. Razia told him and Aslam the following joke: “A boy asks another boy that the cows moves her tail. The other boy replies that because the tail is not able to move the cow.

Peddler and Aslam like the joke. Aslam asks the peddler that what he has brought to them. Peddler turns on his talking box.

Rahman, a resident of Tangigharo, Sarobi district of Kabul province asks the following puzzle, “what is that which comes out from a glass but it does not break the glass.”

Children name different objects but the peddler doesn’t accept. Finally, Razia finds the correct answer of the puzzle which is sun. Peddler appreciates them by plastic cars and he goes to the next lane.

Third Lane:

Hedayat is mocking his sister,  Frishta and Frishta quarrels with him. Peddler comes with Golden Wind fairy and they welcome them.

Peddler asks the reason. Frishta says that Hedayat always mocks her. Golden Wing fairy says that might face the problems as Naweed had faced with.

Children ask about Naweed. Fairy says that Naweed was a very nice boy and had a bad habit. He was always mocking his other friends and telling them that they are ugly. All of his friends left him alone for his this habit. One day, Naweed climbed to mountain to bring some rhubarbs.  He saw an ugly boy on the mountain side was pulling rhubarbs. The boys had ears; big nose and long teeth.

The Story of Naweed:

First Part: