Aged Girls and accelerate learning classes

 Written by: Wajiha Sayar

Alia goes with her brother, Qayum to the castle to visit Lalo Mama. Alia says to Qayum about their neighbor's daughter, Palwasha that she studied third-grade but her uncle prevented her to study more. Now she is eager to continue her study but her age is not appropriate for school. Lalo Mama comes and after greeting his guests, he says that nothing is impossible and he takes Alia and Qayum inside the castle and there he opens a window about this issue for their information.


In the window, the reporter of the castle talks with some girls about quitting school before the end of their study.

Fariba, a resident of Chehildukhtaran village, Chaharasiab district, Kabul province says, “When I was 7 years old, I was going to school at Ahmad Shah Baba Mena and after 3 years, we shifted to a new house in Chaharasiab district. It’s my 6th year of quitting the school for the distance of the way to school and security threads. No girl goes to school from our village.”

Karima Noorzai Mangal says, “When I passed 6th-grade, my family prevented me from school and told me that I am a young girl and all young girls of our village are prevented from school. Now my brother allows me to school but my age more than school age.”

Then the reporter asks some other girls about the solution for this issue.

Fariba, a 15 years old girl and a resident of Zarsang village, Panjab district, Bamiyan province says, “We displaced to Ghazni due to fighting in our area. When we came back to our village, I got aware of the accelerate course for aged girls. I gave a petition with my 3 photos and a copy of my national identity card and they enrolled me in the first class and now I am a 5th-grade student.

Another girl, Zahra who is 16 years old says, “Accelerate is a course for the girls whose age is more than the school age. They study two classes per year and I also study this course.”

The reporter asks the girls who can attend these courses.

Zakia, a resident of Sadat valley, the central area of Bamiyan province says, “Two years ago some girls who were prevented from school proposed for establishing accelerate course and I dedicated 3 rooms of my house for this purpose. I talked to some families about the benefits of this course and they allowed their girls to attend the course. Girls between (10-16) years could study this course till 7th-grade and after it, the course office introduces them to a supplemental school for more study.”

Lalo Mama closes the window.