Stubborn Child

Written by: Najia Nijat

First Lane:

Adila is singing a melody with herself. Her brother, Naseem asks her to tell a new melody. Adila says that she doesn’t remember a new one.

Peddler comes and says that he would tell them a new melody. The children welcome and ask him to tell it.

Peddler tells a melody about father. Children like and learn it and the peddler goes to the next lane.

Second Lane:

Abasin is crying in the lane. Peddler comes and asks the reason. Abasin's sister, Masooda says that one of their neighbors has died and his mother was going there to pray for him and Abasin also wanted to go with her.

Abasin says that if his mother takes him with her, he could play with children in the dead person's house. Peddler says that he could not play everywhere and then he brings out the magic mirror from his bag.

In the mirror, Abasin sees a girl with her mother in a clinic. There are many patients in the clinic. The girl asked her mother to take her back home. Her mother replied that she was preventing her from coming to the clinic but she did not accept.

Peddler keeps the mirror back in the bag. Abasin promises that he would never argue with his mother anymore.

Peddler tells a joke for Abasin’s happiness. The children like the joke and peddler goes to another lane.

Third Lane:

Naseema says to her friend, Shakela that she spent 28 days in her uncle's house.

Shakela asks her to say that she had spent a month but Naseema says that one month is not 28 days but she doesn’t know about it.

Peddler arrives and after greeting, he says that one month is 30 days and adds that some months are 31 days too and one month might be 29 days.

Children learn about the days of the month and peddler goes home.