AEPO Parteners

The Afghan Educational Production Organization believes that the cooperation between organizations will enhance the organization and the effectiveness of their activities, which will result in more Afghans serving. 

AEPO works in partnership with a range of Afghan and international institutions and consults with the Ministries of Information and Culture as well as Education as appropriate.

We maintain close links with a number of civil society organizations such as Afghan Women’s’ Network and Empowerment Center for Women. As well as BBC Media Action, Aga Khan Foundation, Terre des hommes Foundation “Lausanne” in Afghanistan (Tdh), Afghan Aid, we work with a number of Afghan media partners, including Salam Watandar and ERTV, and have provided production training for key staff at 28 FM stations in more than 17 provinces across the country.

The Afghan Education Production Organization has also partnered with other theater teams in different provinces, which we can recall from the theater teams of Nangarhar, Khost, Baghlan, and Kandahar.