Love Your Business

Written by: Husamuddin Hamdard

Some people start their business without any pre-estimated evaluation and when they don't get an appropriate result, they might be disappointment but AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to a businesswoman, Ms. Husaini who has an enthusiasm for her work. Ms. Husaini talks about her business, “In the beginning, I was weaving carpets but when the fees of carpet weaving decreased, I left that job and I started a poultry farm at home but soon I left that too and I started baking bread for people and now I am busy in keeping honeybees.

I started bee keeping from 3 bee boxes and now they are increased to 60 boxes. In the spring, I transfer the bee boxes to mountainous area due to having more wildflowers and at the beginning of the autumn, I take them back home. I have collected about 400 kilograms of honey this year and I sold each kilogram of it for 1500 Afghanis. Last year one of my clients took about 150 kilograms honey to Saudi Arabia for sale.”

Memory Sport Academy:

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Mir Ahmad Jahesh Mahmoodi the founder of memory sport academy in Afghanistan.

Mahmoodi talks about this academy, “In the beginning, I was suffering from my memory weakness. When I was putting something somewhere, after a few seconds I was forgetting that where I have put something. I started my research to improve my memory. I read different books related to this issue for two months in a room inside my house and I did come out of the room during this time. My family members thought that I am mad. I learned memory exercises inside the country and in Inia too. Some professors helped me online on this issue and I paid a lot for learning.

Fields taught at this institution are: The brain, its function & the activation of both brain hemispheres, conscious & unconscious mind, memory discipline, Sports & educational discipline, fast reading, techniques & principles of study, mind Mapping, meditation

  Seminars of psychology, strengthen brain and memory by foods & exercises.

We have enough students exercise in this academy and they pay us monthly fees and I have earned about 1000000 Afghanis from this business yet.”