Black Baby Goat

 Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Once upon a time, a black baby goat, red goat, and a white lamb were living together. One day they decided to go for a picnic.

White lamb suggested going the hillside. The others accepted and they went there.

After feeding and walking, they had a picnic. Meanwhile, the white lamb’s uncle called the white lamb to help him in carrying grass to his house.

Lamb asked his friends to wait for him.

When white lamb left the hillside, baby goat and red goat also went back to their homes.

A few minutes later, baby goat went out of his house angrily and he visited the red goat on the way. Red goat asked about the reason his anger.

Baby goat said that the white lamb has stolen his bells.

Red goat said that being suspicious of someone is not a good habit but the red goat said that lamb is a thief because, before the ending of the picnic, white lamb left the place.

Baby goat went to white lamb’s house and asked him to give back his bells. The white lamb said that has not taken his bells. The baby goat did accept and he searched white lamb’s house but he could not find his bells.

The white lamb cut friendship with the baby goat. Baby goat went to red goat’s house and searched his house too but he could not find his bells there either.

A few days later, red goat and white lamb were playing on the hillside. White lamb heard the jingling of the bells. They saw that baby goat was coming toward them.

When baby goat arrived, he said to the others that he found his bells in his house.

Red goat and white lamb did not talk to him and not let him play with them and baby goat left alone.

Another day, while baby goat was playing with himself, he stepped on a nail and hurt his foot but there was no one to help him. baby goat understood that being suspicious about someone is really not a good habit.