Wolf and Jamal

    Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Jamal was a boy living with his old father in a village near a jungle. Qudrat was his friend who has a horse. Jamal wished to have a horse too.

One day, while he was thinking about the horse, Qudrat came with his horse. Jamal asked Qudrat that how he bought the horse.

Qudrat said that he was always going to the jungle and fishing in the river and then he was selling the fish in the bazaar. Qudrat added that after he earned enough money, then he bought the horse.

Jamal asked Qudrat that whenever he goes for fishing, tell to Jamal too.

Next day, Qudrat asked Jamal to go with him for fishing. Jamal shared the issue with his father. His father told him about the danger of the jungle and asked him to return soon. Jamal accepted and he took his fishing net and a sack with him and went with Qudrat.

Qudrat asked about the sack. Jamal said that he wants to catch more fish and earn the money of a horse this day.

Qudrat said that it is impossible to catch more fish in one day.

They reached the river in the jungle and started fishing. Jamal was quarreling with Qudrat when they catching a big fish. The sky was getting dark and Qudrat told about the danger of the jungle in the evening and asked Jamal to go back home with him but Jamal said that he would continue fishing till his sack is not full.

Qudrat went home alone. It was late evening but Jamal was not returned home. Jamal's father took his dog with himself and went to Qudrat’s house. Qudrat told him the whole story.

Jamal’s father got sad and went toward the jungle. When he reached the jungle, he called to Jamal. Jamal was shouting for help. A wolf was coming toward Jamal. Jamal left his fish’s sack and ran fast from the wolf. when the dog heard the voice of the wolf, she ran against her. Suddenly Jamal fell down on a big stone and broke his hand. His father took him to the hospital. Jamal was regretted endeavoring to catch more fish.