New Shoes

  Written by: Asma Kakar

Shazia and Frishta were friends living in a village far from the city. One-day, while Shazia and Frishta were playing, Shazia’s brother, Ahmad came and informed Shazia about the wedding ceremony of their cousin the next day in the city.

Shazia became sad and said to Frishta that she has a new dress but does not have suitable shoes for the wedding. Frishta said that she would give her new shoes. Shazia becomes happy and thanks Frishta. Frishta said that after three days, there would be her cousin’s wedding too and she asks Shazia to return her shoes on time.

Shazia went to the wedding and after a few days, she came back home and wanted to give Frishta’s shoes back but Frishta was very sad when Shazia brought her shoes after money days and her anger doubled when she saw that her shoes were torn.

Frishta says to Shazia that she thought that Shazia’s habit would be changed but she is the same as she was before.

Frishta wanted her new shoes from Shazia.

Shazia became sad and went home and while she was crying, her mother asked the reason. Shazia said that she lost her lost friend, Frishta too.

Shazia’s mother blamed her for not giving back Frishta’s shoes on time. Frishta asked her mother to find a solution to this issue.

Her mother sold Shazia’s hen and bought the same shoes as Frishta’s were. Shazia took the shoes to give them to Frishta.