The Piebald Frog

   Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Once there were a few frogs living in a pond. The water of the pond was losing day by day and the life for the frog was getting hard.

One day the old frog called the others to gather around herself for a consultation. Piebald frog proposed to the Fat frog that they would go to find some water instead of listening to the Old. Fat frog accepted.

The Old asked Piebald and Fat to share the meeting but piebald said that they want to find some water. Meanwhile, another frog called Old that she had found a new ditch full of water.

All frogs went to the new ditch. The Fat said she would live in this ditch. A crow on a tree said that no one could live in this ditch because other animals and birds also drink from this ditch. the ditch had a narrow way that only a single frog could pass it. The old frog arranged them in a row. Piebald arrived late and ran toward the ditch. she pushed other frogs and reached to the ditch and drank water. The Old frog got angry at her and asked her to stand in the row but Piebald walked in the sun. a few minutes later, she became thirsty again, ran and jumped into the ditch. this time she dropped some other frogs in the ditch too and the water became dirty. She injured the head of one of the frogs too. A quarrel took place between the injured frog and Piebald. Other frogs blamed Piebald that she never obeys the turn.

Piebald said that she is stronger than others and no one could compete with her.

One day Piebald went early in the morning to the ditch and drank water. Fat frog also came and wanted to drink water too but Piebald pushed her aside and did allowed her to drink.

Meanwhile, the king of the frogs came and the Fat complained to him.

King held Piebald and stood her in the row. Piebald was very sad because the king was stronger than her. Piebald asked the king to allow to drink but the king kicked him and gave no chance to her.

Piebald knew her mistake and promised that she would always obey her turn. The king allowed her to drink water in her turn.