Three Mongooses

   Written by: Abdullah Fazli

There were three mongooses: Black, Red, and Khaki living together in a jungle. One day while it was cloudy and wind was blowing, the Black asked the others to go with her to find some food. Red accepted but Khaki said that they would go on a sunny day but Red and Black forced her to go with them. Black saw a big tree and asked the others to climb it. Meanwhile, rain started. Khaki wanted Red and Black to hide in the bees hive in the tree till the end the rain but Black did not accept and climbed the tree. Suddenly the rain turned to sleet and the Black fell on the ground and hurt her head and cried.

Red asked Khaki to go with her to help Black. Khaki suggested to wait till the end of the rain but Red did not accept and she jumped down the tree and broke her leg. Black came near to Red and asked the reason of her falling. Red said that she wanted to help her but she broke her leg. They two asked Khaki to help them going home. The rain stopped and Khaki came down from the tree and blamed Red and Black for their obstinacy and she dressed their wounds.

Red and Black promised that they would not hesitate to do anything after it, because the hurry would make it impossible for a person to do his/her work properly.