The Broken Beak

Once upon a time, there were a hawk, a crow and a magpie living in a jungle with other birds.

One day the hawk was very angry. The crow and magpie asked the hawk about her anger. The hawk said that she always brings fresh foods to keep it for her winter but another bird exchanges it with spoiled foods and she added that she does not have the friendship with other birds without crow and magpie. Crow and magpie said that they have not seen anyone who has exchanged fresh food. The hawk said that she knows what to do.

They flew to find something for eating. The hawk saw that a lion had hunted a beast. The hawk, crow, and magpie wanted to take the remained meat but the foxes and wolves were not letting them take it.

The hawk succeeded to grab some meat and later the crow and magpie also grabbed some meat and they went back to their nests.

Next day, the hawk gathered all the birds and said that she has captured her best friend during exchanging her fresh food with a spoiled one. The crow was very ashamed. The other birds left the crow alone.

The crow flew up to a big tree and said to herself that she would find more friends for herself. When she asked other birds in the jungle to be her friends, all were calling her a tricky crow and no one was ready to be her friend. While she was sitting alone on a branch of a tree, a strong wind broke the branch and the crow fell on the ground and she got injured in her wing and beak and there was no one to help her.