Ugly Peacock

   Written by Abdullah Fazli

Once upon a time, there was nice peacock living together with other birds in a jungle.

One year a great famine forced the birds to decide about their moving to another jungle. They sent a roaster to peacock and asked her to take part in a meeting to decide where they should go but the peacock mocked the roaster and said that she is the nicest bird in the jungle and asked the roaster to take other birds to her. The roaster became very sad.

The other birds sent turkey this time to take the roaster and peacock with herself. When the turkey reached there to the peacock, she saw that the roaster was very sad.

 Turkey said to the peacock to go with them but the peacock mocked her too and said that if the turkey takes her on her back, she would go. turkey said to the roaster that they would start the meeting without peacock.

When they went back, the peacock heard the silent footsteps of a fox. The peacock flew to a tree but the branch of the tree caught her wings and the peacock became very sad. The fox could not capture the peacock and she went away.

The other birds migrated from the jungle and the peacock left alone. Meanwhile, a crow was crossing the jungle and heard the crying of the peacock. In the beginning, she did not want to ask about her trouble because the crow also did not have a good memory of him but the crying of peacock urged her to visit peacock. Crow asked peacock about his trouble. Peacock told him the whole story.

Crow said that the peacock's legs are very ugly but she always mocks others. Peacock regretted what she had done with others and she wanted the crow to take her to other jungle where all other birds had moved there.

The crow went to the other jungle and shared the issue with other birds. Some birds came with the crow and they took the peacock with them to the new jungle and she started living together with other birds.