Warm Clothes


   Written by: Nasratullah Samim

It was a winter day. The mountains were covered by a white sheet of snow. The weather was cloudy and a cold wind was blowing.

Baseer said to his brother, Obaid that his mother has given him some meat to give it his uncle. He asked Baseer to accompany him. Obaid accepted. Baseer put on his warm clothes; gloves; socks; boots and scarf and asked Obaid to put on his warm clothes too but Obaid denies and said that he is not a spoiled boy and they left their house.

On the way to their uncle’s house, Obaid was mocking Baseer for putting on warm clothes, gloves and so on. When the passed a few miles, a cold wind was blowing on Obaid's face and he was shivering from cold but he was ashamed to tell anything about it Baseer.

When Baseer saw him, he told him that why he did not put on his warm clothes. Obaid said nothing. Meanwhile, the snow falling started and the wind was blowing snow on their faces. They were not able to see even their way. The snowstorm stopped them in the middle of the way. Baseer gave his shawl to Obaid but he was still shivering from cold and his health condition was getting worse. The sky was getting darker and they sat beside a big tree.

on the other hand, It was late in the night but Baseer and Obaid had not come back home. Their mother was very sad and she was crying. She shared the issue with her older son and asked him to search Obaid and Baseer in his uncle’s house. Obaid’s brother went there to his uncle’s house but Baseer and Obaid were not there.  Obaid’s father took some villager with him and they went to find Baseer and Obaid.

they found Baseer and Obaid in dessert beside a big tree. Obaid’s father asked about their health. Baseer said that he is well but Obaid is unconscious. Obaid’s father and the villagers took Obaid in a shawl to his house.