Gum Infection

  Written by: Muhammad Arif Rahimi

Every area of our body is susceptible to infection, including the mouth. And if we have an infection, it’s important to get treatment promptly. In the case of our mouth, infected gums could not only be painful, if we do not treat them, they could also be a sign of more serious conditions.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some patients and a physician about this disease.

Palwasha says: “I am suffering from gums inflammation. I could not eat food easily. Sometimes it causes me even eye pain and headache too.”

Shazia, a resident of Logar province says: “I am suffering from the inflammation of gums. They are bleeding and pus coming from them."

Doctor Muhammad Qahir says: “gums swollen; tender or bleeding; receding gums; pus coming from the gums; chronic bad breath and loose teeth are the signs of gums inflammation and if not treated on time, it might cause some serious health problems.”

What do people think about the causes of gums inflammation?

Zakia Wardak says that due to her teeth tartar, she faced with gums infection.

Najla, a resident of Logar province, who suffers from gums infection says that the dentist has told her that due to vitamin D deficiency, she has faced with gums infection.

Doctor Muhammad Qahir says: “gums inflammation has many causes: deficiency of vitamin C in the human body; anemia in mothers; hormonal changes in the human body after the age of 50; cleaning teeth with steel wire of needle and not brushing teeth regularly are the main causes of gums inflammation.”

Home treatment:

Mariam says: “I was cleaning my teeth with salt during my gums inflammation, and it caused me gums irritation.”

Faisal Wardak says: “I was putting alum on my gums but it irritated my gums”.

Doctor Muhammad Qahir says: “putting pure salt or alum on the gums causes the irritation of the gums but if one adds a teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water and rinse his/her mouth for a few seconds three to four times a day, keeps the mouth clean and removes bacteria that could cause a wound infection. If someone adds some lemon drops into the salt and water solution, it would be more useful.  Massaging the gums with the mixture of alum and olive oil also useful for gum infection.”