Lonely Deer


Written by: Asma Kakar

Once there was a deer living alone in a jungle. One-day a Strange bird was crossing the jungle and saw the Alone deer. she sat on a branch of a tree near to the deer and asked about her loneliness. The Lonely deer said that she was tired of living together with her friends and wanted to enjoy living alone. The Strange bird said that everyone would need the help of others but the deer said that she did not need others’ help.

The Strange bird gave her one of his feathers and asked her if she faces any problem, she could burn it and the Strange bird would come for her help.

The Lonely deer said that she would live in a peaceful environment without his friends and when the Strange bird come next time, she would not understand the deer because she would be very fat due to the happiness of being alone.

Some days later the deer burnt the feather and the strange bird arrived and saw that Lonely deer was very weak.

The Strange bird asked the reason. The deer said that she got a wound in her leg and could go to find anything for eating. The Strange bird said that if she wanted the help of her friends. The deer said that she did not need other deer’s help and wanted the Strange bird to bring the leaves of an herb which is found at the top of the mountains. The Strange bird asked about the name of the herb but the deer did not know its name of it and said that all other deer know about the herb.

The Strange bird flew but she could not find the herb and a few days later she came back to the Lonely deer and shared the issue with her.

The deer was suffering a bad pain in her leg and she was crying and was regretted leaving her friends. She said that when their elder deer was telling them about the healing herb and she took all the deer to the top of the mountain, she did not accompany them. The Strange bird told her that after each dark night, there is a brighter day and she flew away.

The deer was very upset alone and she was crying. Meanwhile, she heard the voice of her friend, Sharp-horn deer and became happy.

The deer asked the Sharp-horn how to find her. The Sharp-horn said that the Strange bird informed her. The Sharp-horn gave the healing herb to the Lonely deer it and she also brought her some water and grass and she left the Lonely deer.

The deer started crying. The Strange bird came and asked the reason. The deer said that she is tired of loneliness and wants to live with her friends again but the Sharp-horn left her alone. Meanwhile, the Sharp-horn came back and said that she was hidden behind the tree. The deer became happy and thanked the Strange bird for her help. The Sharp-horn and the Lonely deer went happily back to their jungle.