The Fortune

Bilal and Zubair were two brothers living in a poor family with their mother and grandmother in a green village far from the city.

The grandmother was telling a story every night to her grandsons. One night she told them a story about fortune. She said that anyone could have a prosperous life when he/she change his/her fortune.

Next day in the morning, when Zubair and Bilal woke up, they left the house to collects some firewood but they could not find any. Zubair said to Bilal that their grandmother told them that anyone could change his/her fortune and he wanted Bilal to go with him to find a good fortune.

They went to a jungle and were searching good fortune behind stones and trees but they could not find it. Suddenly they saw that some monkeys were coming toward them. Zubair and Bilal wanted to run away but the monkeys captured them and took them to their king. The king asked them that why they entered the monkeys’ territory. Bilal said that they wanted to collect some firewood and they asked the Monkeys’ king to release them. The king asked them to make a rope for the monkeys to cross the river otherwise she would keep them in prison forever. Some monkeys took them to an old man in the jungle. Zubair shared their problem with the old man. The old man said that before he was making ropes but now, he is very old and could not work. The old man asked them to bring some cattails and he would help them to make rope. They brought some cattails and the old man trained them how to make rope. They also leaned mat weaving from the old man.

The monkeys’ king thanked Zubair and Bilal and released them. They went to say farewell to the old man.  Zubair said to the old man that they wanted to change their bad fortune to a good fortune but they did not succeed in their aim and instead they fall in trouble.

The old man said that they have already changed their fortune by learning rope and mat weaving and he said that they could get more income from their new occupation.

Zubair and Bilal thanked the old and went back to their home and started their work.

One day, someone knocked on the door. Zubair opened the door and he returned with a big amount of money. He gave the money to his mother and said that now they have changed their fortune by weaving mats and ropes and they are training other boys to learn this occupation too. Their mother became happy and said that it’s the result of their hard work.