Happy Gulab

 Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Once upon a time, there were two boys, Samir and Gulab, living in a green village. They have another friend, Sharif too. Gulab was always exercising every kind of sports including swimming but Samir was just watching and he did not like to swim.

One day, Gulab put on his sneakers and went to Samir’s house and asks him to swim with him. Samir did not want to swim but Gulab persuaded Samir to swim with him.

Gulab was swimming fast but as Samir was fat, he could not swim well and said that he did not like swimming. Gulab told him that sport is good for his health too but Samir did not accept. Meanwhile, Sharif came and said that the next day would be a swimming race among the boys of the country in the swimming pool in front of the castle. He added that the king would also watch the race and he would give big awards to the first, second and third winner.

While Samir heard the name of the award, he said that he would win the first prize.

Next day, many people were gathered in the ground. The swimming started by hitting the drum. The King was also watching the race. Gulab was ahead of all the participants and audiences was clapping for him. The king awarded him by the first prize. Samir swan a few meters but suddenly he sank in the water and cried. Gulab helped and took him to his house. Gulab said to Samir that sport and exercises are very important for his health too and if he always does his exercises, he would never get tired of swimming. Samir said that his classmates also mocking him for his obesity.

Samir started exercises and he was always swimming with his other friends and in the next year swimming race, he won the first prize.