Happy Butterfly

   written by: Asma Kakar

Gulguli was a butterfly which was living together with two other butterflies, Golden, and Red in a nice garden. They were enjoying flying around various flowers in the garden.

One day Red told to Gulguli that she and Golden are tired of the flowers of this garden and they decided to go to another garden. Gulguli did not accept and said that he would do such a work that it could keep her and others happy. Golden and Red mocked her and left her alone.

Gulguli became sad and set aside. Meanwhile, all flowers became happy to see that Gulguli did not leave the garden. they called Gulguli the best butterfly.

Gulguli asked the reason for their happiness. A red flower said that while Gulguli flies happily over the blossoms, the flowers also become very happy. Gulguli asks that is it possible for it to become happy for other’s happiness too?

Red flower said if she brings a girl, Sara who was coming every day to the garden and was singing songs to the flowers, Gulguli would also become happy.

Red flower gave the signs and address of Sara to Gulguli. Red flower said that Sara has long hairs, black eyes and red cheek as a red rose. Gulguli found a girl with the same name and signs but her face was yellow. Gulguli asked the reason of her yellow face. Sara said that she has jaundice and her father has gone to take the famous Greek therapist for her treatment.

Gulguli became sad and aware red flower from Sara’s sickness.  Red flower said to Gulguli if she could find chicory and Sara eat its seeds and leaves, she would get her health again.

Gulguli flew and found chicory plant. She took the leaves and seeds of it and gave them to Sara. Sara took the chicory seeds and leaves and got her health before her father’s coming. Sara and Gulguli became happy and Gulguli understood that helping other would also bring happiness to you.