White Lamb


   Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Once there was a boy, Nazer living in a green village. He had a while lamb and he loved it. One day, his friend, Noor Muhammad took his lambs and sheep to a pasture but there was no one to play with.

Noor Muhammad saw Nazer has taken his cow to the pasture. He went to Nazer and asked him to play with him but Nazer denied and said that he is sad for his white lamb. Noor Muhammad asked the reason. Nazer said: “one day I took my white lamb to the pasture. My friend, Omid also had taken his goats to the pasture. Omid asked me to take my lamb into the reaped wheat field but I preferred to graze her in Toorgul uncle’s cornfield and I started to play with Omid. My lamb entered into Toorgul uncle’s house and she ate all his flowers. Toorgul uncle took compensation for his flowers.

Another day, I wanted to take my white lamb to the pasture that I visited you and asked you that where are you going. You said that you were going to play cricket. You asked me to take my lamb back home and come to play with you but I took my lamb to an alfalfa field and I started playing with you. After playing, I went to take my lamb back home, but unfortunately, I found her died of eating too much alfalfa.”