Evil Monkey

     Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Once upon a time, there were two Rabbit’s kittens, Skinny and Fat living in a big jungle. A monkey, Red was also living in the same jungle.

One day the kittens were very hungry and went out from their home to eat something but found nothing. When they were coming back to their home, Skinny saw a carrot plant under a big tree. They pull out the plant. from the ground and started to eat the carrots. Meanwhile, the Red was in the tree and she was mocking them. Red went near to them and escaped the carrot from them and they became very sad. Skinny bag her to give the carrots back to them but the Red climbed back to the tree and started to mock them again.

Later, they went near the stream to drink some water but the Red made the water muddy and they could not drink it. Red had a cluster of bananas with her and climbed back to the tree.

Skinny and Fat asked that why Red was mocking them. Red said that she enjoys mocking others. While Skinny and Fat wanted to go back home hungry and thirsty, a big black monkey came and climbed to the tree where the Red was in it and took all the bananas from the Red. Red was begging the big monkey to give him the bananas back but the big monkey pushes her down from the tree. Red got an injury in her head and was crying.

Fat and Skinny heard her crying and went near her. Red prepared some medicines from the herbs and put it on Red’s head. Sometimes later, Red felt well and she thanked Fat and Skinny. Red said that she knows now that all the bad events I faced with are due to my bad behavior with others.