Guest Fish

   Written by: Asma Kakar


Once upon a time, there were two friends, Abdullah, and Suleiman living in a green village far from the city. they had to take part in a volleyball match which was to hold in the district football ground.

 One day before the match, they were practicing volleyball near a stream in the village. Suleiman was thinking about the distance from the village to the district bazaar but Abdullah assured him that he had taken the bicycle’s key of his cousin, Mehboob.

Abdullah saw a fish was dying of lacking water in the stream. Abdullah went home and he brought a bucket full of water. He took the fish into the bucket but meanwhile, the bicycle’s key dropped from his pocket into the stream. They tried to find it but the weather got dark and they went home.

It rained at that night and the stream was full of water. Abdullah took the fish back to the stream. The fish became happy and brought out the key from the stream. Abdullah and Suleiman became happy and realized that one good turn deserves another.