Clean Nails

  Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Raihana was a seventh-grade student.  One-day all student had brought every kind of foods to the class to celebrate the teacher’s day. Ferishta and Maryam had also brought some foods and they were eating under a tree in the schoolyard. meanwhile, Ferisha called Raihana to come and eat with them. Maryam started a quarrel with Ferishta that why she called Raihana because she did not like to eat food with her. Raihana arrived and started to eat.

Raihana was eating and itching herself. Maryam stopped to eat anymore. Raihana asked Maryam to eat but Maryam showed her anger and did not eat. Raihana became angry and left Maryam and Ferishta alone.

Ferishta asked the reason of Maryam’s anger. Maryam said that Raihana did not care about her cleanliness and her nails are long and dirty.

Ferishta went to find Raihana and tell her about her dirty nails but she could not find her.

Raihana went home and at the dinner time, she ate porridge and, in the morning, while she wanted to go to school, she faced nausea and diarrhea and her father took her to the clinic.  The doctor said that the reason for her sickness is her dirty nails and advised her some medicines and Raihana went back home. When she reached home, she cut her nails and washed her hands with clean water and soap.

Next day Raihana went to school. when Maryam and Ferishta saw that her nails and hands are clean, they became very happy. Raihana asked apology from Maryam for eating foods with them with dirty hands and nails. Raihana promised that she would always pay attention to her cleanliness.