Magic Spring

      Written by: Asma Kakar


Once upon a time, there were three rabbits White, Piebald and Gray living together in a jungle. One-day White asked the others to go with him to the hillside for eating some carrots. Gray and Piebald said to White that going to the hillside is full of risk. White called them coward rabbit and went alone toward the hillside. When he reached, he found plenty carrot fields. There was a water spring near the field too.

White ate some carrots and then he felt thirsty and wanted to drink some water from the spring but a honey bee prevented it from drinking water and said that if anyone drinks water from that spring, he/she would be changed into an insect because that is a magic spring.

White did not care and he drank water from and suddenly he converted to a small yellow ant. White (after this yellow ant) became very sad and asked the honey bee to help him in converting back into a rabbit. He added that before coming here to the hillside, he did not hear what his friends told him and now he did not accept what the honey bee said.

The honeybee said to him that there is another spring in a cave near the top of the hill; when you swim there in that spring, your problem will solve. The yellow ant said that he could not go alone. Honeybee said that after collecting nectars from some flowers, she would come back for helping him and she asked the yellow to walk slowly toward the cave. Along the way, some other ants saw him and wanted ant to beat him because he was new to that area. The honey bee arrived and rescued the yellow ant and took him near the cave. The honeybee showed her two big stones in front of the cave and she asked him two question and said that if he finds the correct answers, the stones would be removed and then he could swim in the spring and then he would be converted back into a rabbit. The questions were:1: what is that which has no eye but cries?

2: what is that which has no soul but chases living creatures?

The yellow ant did not find the answers. Meanwhile, a heavy rain started. Yellow ant and honeybee sit beside a big stone. A hunter also came toward them and sat beside them. After visiting the hunter, the yellow ant said that he found the answers. While he said that the answer to the first question is rain, the first stone moved(removed?) from its place and when he said that the answer to the second question is a gun, the second stone also removed and the yellow ant saw a spring inside the cave and he became happy. He went there and swam in the spring and converted back into a white rabbit. He thanked the honeybee. White rabbit promised that before doing any kind of work, he would think about it.