Beating Student in Schools

   Written by: Muhammad Nasir Sirat


Education is one of the most essential needs of human society and the right of the children. A qualified education needs a peaceful environment but in some schools of Afghanistan, some teachers beat students. إeating of a student in the school might cause some psychological problems for the student.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some students, their parents, and teachers about this issue.

Muhammad Samer, a resident of Parwan province says: “one-day our mathematics teacher beat me in front of the classmates. I really I felt very sad and embarrassed and I went home, I did no go to sleep on that night and I was thinking about the incident.”


Abdul Agha, an eighth-grade student in one of the schools in Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province says: “my teacher beat me in front of my classmates. It badly affected me. After that day, I was always thinking about the behavior of my teacher toward me and I was not able to learn my lessons and I faced some psychological problem and I was always depressed.”

Doctor Naser Ahmad Azizi, a psychiatrist in the children ward, mental health hospital, Kabul city says: “beating children, especially school-children, could cause many mental and emotional problems, including fear, discomfort, anxiety, misery from school and laziness, insomnia, fear during night, and other mental problems.”

What do people think about the beating of school children?

Murtaza, a resident of Kapisa province says: “students go to school to learn something from teachers but when teachers beat them, it causes them to face some psychological problems.”

Hajira, a ninth-grade student, Farza district, Kabul province says: “schools are for education not for beating. When a teacher or teachers beat a student, the student could not learn his/her school lesson well and he/she might face some psychological problems.”

What are the reasons for beating school students?

Asma, a twelve-grade student, Dehsabz district, Kabul province says: “I learn my school lessons, respect my teachers and do my homework on time and I am not beaten yet in the school.”

The article number 39 of the education law of Afghanistan says: "Any kind of physical and mental retribution of students is prohibited, even for the purpose of disciplining and reforming them. The offenders are punished in accordance with the provisions of the law.”

Doctor Azizi says: “students need kindness. When they face kindness at home, they want the same manner from the teachers in the school too. When they see the kindness of their teachers, they could learn their lessons well.”