Talebearer Among the Classmates

   Written by: Nassratullah Samim

Adila, Gulmakai, and Salma were friends and classmates and they were always playing and going to school together but later no one was eager to play with Salma and   her all friends were angry with her.

One-day during the break, Fatima, who had come recently to that school, saw Salma sitting alone in a corner. Fatima greeted her and introduced herself to Salma and asked about her sadness.

Salma said: “one day when I entered into my class, my classmates were talking about a competition between our school’s students with the students of the provincial girl school. Adila said that the headmaster has told her to select two intelligent students from our class and the winner would receive a prize too. Gulmakai recommended Adila from the class. Meanwhile, Gulmakai’s sister came and asked Gulmakai outside of the class.  The students recommended Gulmakai too but Maryam said that Nooria is more intelligent and they selected Adila and Nooria.

I went out of the class and told Gulmakai that Maryam rejected Gulmakai’s name. Gulmakai became angry and asked Maryam the reason. Maryam and other students said that Gulmakai is also intelligent but Nooria is more suitable for the competition. Gulmakai accepted their opinion and after that day, everyone calls me talebearer and no one talks to me and they leave me alone.”

Fatima went with Salma to Salma’s class and wanted Salma’s classmate to excuse Salma. Salma promised that she would never repeat this mistake again.