Intelligent Tortoise

   Written by: Asma Kakar

Once upon a time, there was a hatchling living in a jungle with her mother. One-day they moved to a new jungle. The turtle asked her hatchling to find someone and learn school lessons from her/him.

The hatchling walked around the jungle but find no one. When she wanted to go back to her home, she heard a cry of a rabbit. She went near and saw that the rabbit’s legs were caught between two stones. The hatchling moved the stones aside and released the rabbit’s legs. The rabbit became happy and said to the hatchling that she sees her for the first time in this jungle. The hatchling said that she has come newly here and her mother wanted her to learn reading and writing with someone.

The rabbit took the hatchling to her classroom and introduced her to her friends. the monkey's infant and rat laughed at her and said that hatchling would leave her home in the morning but she would arrive at her class in the evening.

The teacher (a deer) entered into the class and asked the rabbit about the hatchling. The rabbit said that the hatchling wants to study with us. The teacher asked the hatchling a question but the hatchling could not reply it. Rat and monkey's infant mocked hatchling but the teacher said to them that mocking others is not a good habit. Then the deer taught them a few new words and left the class.

Rat and monkey's infant were mocking hatchling and calling her lazy tortoise. The hatchling became angry and went home. She complained to her mother that rat and monkey's infant were mocking her in the classroom.

The next day early in the morning, the tortoise asked her hatchling to go to school but the hatchling did not want to go. Meanwhile, the rabbit came and said something to the hatchling and took her to the school again.

The exam day arrived. Monkey's infant said that she doesn’t know the correct answer to a question. She asked her question from the hatchling. The hatchling answered it but the rat said that the hatchling’s answer is not correct. The teacher arrived and gave the exam and the next day the teacher announced the result. The rabbit was in the first position and the hatchling had won the second position. All other animals were astonished that how the hatchling won the second position.

The hatchling thanked the rabbit for helping and encouraging her in school lessons.

The rat and monkey's infants have regretted their habits with hatchling and promised that they would also help each other in school lessons.