Dark Evening

Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Gulalai was living with her brother, Yasir in a green village far from the city. Kamila was their cousin who was always playing with them.

One day they went out to collect some firewood around the village but they did not find any. Gulalai said that they would go back home but Yasir asked them to go with him to the mountainside for collecting firewood. Gulalai did not want to go far away from the village but Kamila asked her to go with them and they would return soon.

They went. Gulalai and Yasir collected enough firewood. Yasir asked Gulalai about Kamila. Gulalai called Kamila to go back with them.

Yasir hid behind a big stone and he asked Gulalai not to tell anything about him to Kamila.

When Kamila reached near to them, Yasir suddenly came and shouted upon her. Kamila scared and fall down with her burden of firewood into a pit and she hurt her leg.

Gulalai and Kamila blamed Yasir for his bad habit. Yasir laughed and went to a nearest ruined house. He saw a child was sitting there in the ruined house. Yasir shouted at him. The child cried loudly and became unconsciousness. The child was a magician’s baby. When his mother heard his voice, she came and captured Yasir and took him into a magic house. The magician's another son frightened Yasir and asked him that why he frightened his brother and then a black cat came and she also shouted on Yasir.

The magician asked Yasir that why he frightened her child?

Yasir said that he thought that the child was his friend.

The magician said that it is not a good habit to frighten your friends too.

Yasir begged to the magician that he knew his mistake now and he would never frighten anyone and asked her to release him. The magician released Yasir. He saw that Gulalai and Kamila were playing with dolls. He went near to them and wanted them to share him in the play but Gulalai rejected his wish and said that he always frightens others.

Yasir told them the whole story and promised that he would never frighten anyone afterwards. Kamila and Gulalai became happy and allowed him to take part in their doll’s wedding party.