Hanging Behind a Vehicle

 Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Ihsan and Jamil were two friends, neighbors and classmates. Their school was far from their homes. one-day, Ihsan and Jamil wanted to go to school and as it was late, they sit in the middle of the way. their another classmate, Faridon was also going to school and saw Ihsan and Jamil along the way. Faridon asked them to go with him to school but they said that Faridon could go alone and they would reach to school earlier than him.

When Faridon reached to school, they saw that Ihsan and Jamil were in the school. Ihsan asked the reason but the first period started and they entered into the class.

The other day, Rahmat, Faridon’s another classmate arrived late to school and said that he found Ihsan and Jamil injured along the way to school. Rahmat added that two passers-by took them to the clinic.

Faridon and Rahmat went to the clinic and visited Ihsan and Jamil and saw that Jamil’s head and Ihsan’s leg was broken. Ihsan and Jamil thanked Rahmat and Jamil for visiting them. Jamil asked the reason.

Ihsan said that they were always hanging behind a bus or a truck to reach early to school. He added that on that day, they hanged behind a truck and the truck was driving so fast that he and Jamil dropped down from the truck in a jump, and in the result, his leg and Jamil’s head cracked.

Ihsan and Jamil were regretful and promised that they would never hang behind a vehicle again.