Lost Shoes


 Written by: Asma Kakar

Once upon a time, there were four girlfriends: Shazia, Khatera, Zarmina, and Jamila. One-day, they had a picnic in Jamila’s garden. Jamila, Zarmina, and Shazia were waiting for Khatera to bring Bolani from home. Shazia took off her shoes and wanted Zarmina to play with her till Khatera comes.

Zarmina prevented her from playing bare feet and said that her feet would be dirty by dust and stones or thorns might hurt her but Shazia did not accept. Jamila confirmed what Zarmina said and she added that no one would eat food with Shazia.

Shazia rejected their advice; became angry with them and continued playing with bare feet.

Another day, Shazia was sitting under a tree and she was weeping and was talking with herself that she would never play with Jamila, Khatera, and Zarmina.

Meanwhile, Shazia heard a voice which was saying that her name is Botali and she wishes to play with Shazia. Botali said that she knows that Shazia’s all girlfriends are bad girls. Shazia confirmed her saying and allowed Botali to play with her. Botali asked Shazia to promise with her that she would never put on her shoes. Shazia accepted.

Botali took her to a faraway place. Shazia threw away her shoes and started to play with Botali. After a few minutes, Shazia complained from her feet pain and wanted to put on her shoes but Botali said that Shazia promised not to put on shoes. Shazia said that she could not walk without shoes anymore.

 Shazia asked Botali to bring her shoes but Botali became angry and left her alone. Shazia was weeping and was talking with herself that her girlfriends are better than Botali because they were taking care of her but Botali was bothering her.

She walked slowly and she found her shoes and put them on. She became happy and saw herself back in the village. She Saw that her girlfriends had a picnic.

Shazia washed her face, hands, and feet and went to the picnic. She asked her girlfriends' apology and promised that after this, she would pay attention to her cleanliness.