School Bag and Permission

Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Once upon a time, there were three classmates and friends, Farzana, Nadia, and Zarmina. they were always going to school together.

One-day, when the first period was to be started, Farzana searched her school bag but did not find her Dari language notebook. She shared the issue with Nadia and said that she had done her homework but her notebook is missing from her bag.

Meanwhile, the teacher entered into the class and asked about the homework. The teacher checked Nadia’s notebook and appreciated her. While she asked Farzana, Farzana said that she had done her homework but someone has taken the notebook from her bag.

The teacher warned that if anyone has not done her homework, she would cut her ten numbers during the exam.

When the second class started, Zarmina came to class and gave a notebook to Nadia and said that she had taken it a day before from Nadia’s bag.

Nadia accused her for taking the notebook without her permission. Zarmina said that she wanted to copy the homework from Zarmina’s notebook.

Farzana said that without the permission, taking anything from other’s bag is not a good habit. Farzana added that some days back, Zarmina had taken a pencil and a pen without permission from her bag too.

Nadia and Farzana cut their friendship with Zarmina but Zarmina did not leave her habit and she was taking everything from the bag of her classmates without informing them.

The exam days arrived. Zarmina was the first to pass her paper to the teacher. When the teacher saw her paper, she asked Zarmina that why she has not answered all questions. Zarmina said that someone had taken her book without any permission from her bag.

Zarmina’s another classmate, Shekiba gave a book to Zarmina and said that last day while Zarmina was not in the class, she took it from her bag.

A quarrel took place between Zarmina and Shekiba. Zarmina asked Shekiba that why she had taken the book without her permission.

Meanwhile, Nadia and Farzana came and they asked Zarmina that why she was taking pens, pencils, books, and notebooks from her classmates’ bags.

Nadia was very regretful and promised that she would never take anything from others’ bags without permission.