A Stingy Mouse


: Written by: Abdullah Fazli


Once upon a time, there were three mice: White-Nose, Gray and skinny living in a barn. One winter day, White and Gray were hungry. They walk around in the barn but found nothing to eat.

Skinny had saved plenty of edibles during the summer and he was not eating anything even when he was hungry too. White-Nose and Gray went to Skinny’s house and asked her something to eat but Skinny did not care and closed the door behind them. White-Nose asked Gray to go back home. Gray said that she is very hungry and he would knock on the door of Skinny's house once again. White-Nose said that Skinny might not help them but Gray knocked on the door and Skinny opened the door. White-Nose said that if Skinny does not give something for eating, Gray might die of hunger.

Skinny said to herself that she herself does not eat anything but she has to bring something to Skinny. She went to her home and brought some rotten corn kernels and wheat grains but White-Nose and Gray did not take them and went away.

 On the back to home, Gray and White-Nose found some wheat and ate them.

One-day when the winter was near to its end, Stingy was hungry and came to her house to eat something. When she dug the ground, she saw that the wheat and corns were spoiled. Skinny cried loudly and said that she is dying.

Gray and White-Nose heard her voice and went to Skinny's house. They found skinny in an unconscious state and they did know that what had happened to Skinny. After a few seconds, Gray and White-Nose saw that Skinny’s stored wheat and corn kernels were rotten. Gray said that the Skinny did eat the grains himself and not gave them to others and it is the result of her greediness.