Homework Assistance

 Written by: Asma Kakar

Once upon a time, there was a boy, Khoshhal and his small sister, Malalai living in a village with their family. Khoshhal was in the higher class than Malalai.

One-day Malalai faced some problems in her school lessons. She asked Khoshhal to help her but he denied. When their father came home, Malalai shared the issue with him. Their father said that he is a farmer and has not studied school and asked Khoshhal to study his school lessons and help Malalai too because if he was educated , they would not have faced as many problems as he is.

Khoshhal promised to help Malalai but when his father left the home, Khoshhal did not want to help her. Malalai said that if he would help her, this would be helpful for him too. Khoshhal mocked her. Meanwhile Khoshhal’s friend, Samim came and said to Khoshhal that there would be a competition among several schools and he asked Khoshal to take part in the competition with Samim.  Khoshhal accepted.

The competition day arrived.  Samim won a big prize in the competition but Khoshhal failed. Samim said to Khoshhal that most questions in the competition were from the lower classes books.  Samim added that since he is helping her small brother in the school lessons, he succeeded in the competition.

Khoshhal became sad and said to Samim that if he had helped Malalai in her school lessons, he might have won a prize too.

After that day, Khoshhal was helping Malalai in her school lessons so that Malalai got the highest scores among her classmates.