Dried Bread

 Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Once upon a time, there were two chicks, White and Yellow living in a house in a green village along with their mother.

One-day, White said to her mother that she is very hungry and asked her to prepare him something for eating.  His mother ordered Yellow to bring dried bread which was put near the chicken’s coop but the White denied to eat it and said that the pigeon always brings soft wheat to her chicks and he also wants wheat. The hen said that the pigeon has wings and could bring wheat from a distant place but we could not fly.

The White said that he would find some wheat himself and left the home.

He saw that a red chicken was walking beside its house. The Red asked him about his business. The white said that he is hungry. The Red brought him some grains of corn. When the White ate a few grains, he scattered the remaining and said that these corns are hard to eat and added that he wants to find wheat grains.

He walked here and there and finally he saw a wheat field and he dug the land and brought out some wheat grains and ate them. A farmer saw him and threw a stone toward the White. White ran away. Meanwhile, a dog chased the white and it was near to capture it but the owner of the White heard White’s cheeping and rescued him from the dog.

The white went home and shared the whole story with his mother and brother. He was very hungry and asked Yellow to bring dried bread. His mother said that the dog ate that dried bread. Yellow said if White wants, he would bring some rice in a bowl.

White said that now he knows that having a sense of pride is not a good habit.