School Girls and White Teeth

Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Fahima was a fifth-grade student and she was always in hurry to go to school without preparation.

One-day, she reached late to school and none of her classmates was eager to give a seat to her next to themselves.

Fahima sat beside Zarmina but Zarmina mocked her and left her alone. Fahima did not know the reason and this behavior badly affected Fahima. She took a seat at the end of the class and started to cry with herself. After the end of the school time, Fahima went home and her brother, Nasim opened the door and found Fahima was crying. Nasim asked the reason. Fahima complained about her classmates that they were mocking her for her old school uniform.

A few minutes later, Nasim asked Fahima to have a lunch with him because Fahima’s mother was not at home. During taking lunch, Fahima suffered from a toothache and could not eat anything. Nasim went to the neighbor’s house to inform his mother. Fahima went to the garden and washed her mouth and face with stream water. There was a dove in the garden and she asked Fahima about her trouble. Fahima told her the whole story. The dove said that Zarmina always brushes her teeth with toothpaste and her teeth seem always white and her mouth doesn’t have any bad odor. 

Fahima realized the reason that why her classmates were mocking her.

Next morning, Fahima went to the bathroom brushed her teeth with toothpaste and went to school. When she entered her class, her classmates were astonished to see her clean teeth and everyone wanted her to take a seat beside her. Fahima became very happy and promised with herself to brush her teeth daily.