Worried Sun

 Written by: Asma Kakar

Saleem and Mahmood were two classmates and they were neighbors too.

One summer day, while the weather was very hot, Saleem and Mahmood were going from school to home. Mahmood said to Saleem that they could not spend all summer at home and asked Saleem that after lunch, when he hears the voice of whistle, he should come out for playing.

After lunch, Saleem heard a whistle and he wanted to go out but his mother prevented him and asked him to rest for a while.

Saleem’s mother went to sleep and Saleem went out. He whistled to Mahmood. Mahmood came out and said that his mother told him that they should play under the tree.

Mahmood did not accept Saleem’s Mother suggestion and prefer to have a running race from the village to the top of the hill. Mahmood said that whoever comes back first, he would be the winner.

They started the race and the sun was worried.

When they reached the top of the hill, they became very tired and thirsty and could not move anymore and there was no water for drinking.

The sun asked the cloud to come in form of it and make a shadow for the boys. The cloud accepted. The sun said that its rays are hotter in the summer to ripen the fruits. Meantime, the wind called the cloud to go toward it.

Saleem and Mahmood were complaining about the hot weather. Saleem reached the gate of his home and there, in front of the gate, he became unconscious.

His mother came and pour some water on Saleem’s face. Saleem came to the sense for a while and said to his mother that his friend, Mahmood is on the hillside and then he became unconscious.

Saleem’s Mother and sister took him to the hospital. A few minutes later, they saw Mahmood in the same hospital.

Saleem opened his eyes and saw Mahmood was also getting better. Their mother thanked the doctor for helping their sons.

The doctor said that sunstroke affected them and if they were not brought to the hospital, they might have lost their lives. Mahmood's mother asked about sunstroke.

The doctor said that direct sunrays cause dehydration; dehydration cause sunstroke and sunstroke might cause to death.

 Saleem and Mahmood promised not to play in the sun afterward, and they added that if they wanted to go somewhere in the sun, they would take drinking water and an umbrella with themselves.