collective work at Home

Written by: Aqsa Sediqi

Laiq Afsar, a resident of Ahmad Shah Baba mina, Kabul city says: “I have 600 square meters land and I cultivated their vegetables and fruit trees. I have 6 children and I distributed the works among them and each of them takes care of her/his own work. I encourage my daughters to learn agriculture along with handwork too and I buy fruits and vegetables from them.  they could fulfill their requirements.”

A Female Photo Studio in Afghanistan: 

There are many male photographers in the cities but have you seen a female photographer in a remote district of Afghanistan?

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to a woman, Alia Muhammadi, a resident of Yakawlang district, Bamian province.

Alia says: “when I returned back from one of our neighboring countries after immigration, I started to learn photography with my husband for 7 years. About a year before, I spent about 100 thousand Afghanis on preparation photography equipment and I opened my own photo studio in the district bazaar. My all customers are women and my daily income reaches 300 Afghanis and my customers increase day by day.”