School water Hand pump

   Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Mahmood and Basir were two friends and classmates. One-day they found one of their classmates, Anwar unconscious in the schoolyard. Mahmood and Basir took him to the school office and shared the issue with the school principal. The principal said that Anwar’s unconscious is due to warm weather and he asked Basir and Mahmood to bring some water from the school water hand pump. Mahmood and Basir saw that the pump was not working. They came back to the office with empty jug. Idris, Anwar's brother arrived at the office and saw Anwar in a bad health condition. He wanted to take his brother home but Basir brought a bottle of water from one of his classmates. The principal splashed a little water on Anwar’s face and Anwar became aware of himself.

Basir blamed Idris for breaking the water hand pump.

One-day Idris and Basir went early to school. Basir asked Idris to play with him in the school playground but Idris preferred to play with water hand pump and after a few minutes, he broke the water hand pump.

After the recovery of Anwar, Idris took his saved money and gave it to the school principal. Idris said that he had broken the water hand pump during playing and wanted him to repair the water hand pump with it. The principal became happy for hearing the truth and gave the money back to Idris and said that the school office would repair the water hand pump with their own expenses. The principal asked Idris to take care of school equipment. Idris promised to do so.