Going to School Jointly

   Written by: Asma Kakar

Khatira, Gul Makai, and Yasmin were friends and classmates and they were going to school together.

One-day, Khatera said to her friends that the public way is too long to go to school. She suggested them to go with her on a short way which was on the hillside and both sides of the way were covered with big trees. ٖGul Makai and Yasmin did not accept and considered that way full of risk but Khatera called them cowards and she preferred to go on the new way.

when Khatira reached to the middle of the way, she heard a voice that was saying her: “Hi Bulbul!” Khatira was afraid and wanted to cry that she saw an old man along the way. She greeted him and reached school earlier than her friends.

When Yasmin and Makai reached to school, Khatera saw them and praised the new way and asked her friends to go with her on that way but her friends rejected her suggestion.

Next day, Khatira went on the same way and when she reached the same place as she was the other day, a boy stopped her and wanted to harass her. Khatira shouted and asked the help of a shepherd. The boy hid behind a tree. Khatira ran away and went to her aunt house nearby and told the whole story to her.

Khatira’s aunt went with Khatira to her home and she shared the issue with Khatira’s mother.

Khatira promised that she would never go alone to school on the nearest way anymore.

Her mother said that she would inform Khatira’s father from the issue and he would go with Khatira to find the boy who harassed Khatira.