Gray pigeon

   Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Once upon a time, there were two pigeons, White and Gray living in a tropical area. There was nothing found for eating and life was getting difficult for them. They decided to move to a cold area. They traveled all the day and at evening, they reached to a forest. A heavy rain obliged them to find a safe place for themselves. They saw a crow’s nest in a big tree. They went there and asked the crow to let them inside her nest to spend the rainy night.

The crow said that her nest is so small that no one else could live in it.

Gray tried to win the crow’s favor with flattery and said that other birds in the forests praised you and said that the crow is a very hospitable bird.

When crow heard about herself, she allowed the pigeons to her nest and give them something to eat

The crow said that she could keep of one of them in her nest and asked them to decide that which one would leave her nest.

Gray appraised the crow but White was silent. Gary said that why she did not appraise the help of the crow.

White said that she is thankful of crow to help them in a hard time.

Gray said that she ashamed to have a friend like White because it was too late to thank of crow. White and crow threw her down the nest and white felt a pain in her back and cried. A rabbit heard her voice and took her to her house.

The other day, Gray wanted to leave the crow’s house but the crow said that she feels sick and asked her to live with her for a time. Gray says that she just wanted to hide from the rain and left the crow’s house.

Along the way, Gray met White with the rabbit sitting under a big tree. White prevented her from going to the jungle because it was still raining but Gray did not accept. When she reached to the jungle, a thunderstorm threw her to a pit.

When the rain stopped, White asked the rabbit to go with her to find White. When they reach the jungle, they saw White in a pit and could not talk and move.

Rabbit prepared some medicine from herbs and put it on the wound of White. After a few days, white got well again. She thanked the rabbit and asked Gray’s apology and they started to live together again.