Cut Flower: Written by

ٌWritten by:  Abdullah Fazli

There were three boys Fawad, Yousuf and Obaid living in a village. They were studying in the same school.

One-day the principal of the school said to the students that the school administration has planted some saplings and flowers in the schoolyard and asked them to water the saplings and flowers from the handpump of the school once a weak.

Yousuf became happy and promised to water them on time but Fawad and Obaid said that watering from handpump is hard and recommended if the school administration find an easy way to water them.

The principal said that they would solve this problem next year.

The school administration made a new football & volleyball ground and planted some sapling beside the playground.

Next day, when Obaid and Fawad went to play in the new ground, they did not like it. Fawad asked Obaid to come to school early next morning.

It was bedtime and Obaid was thinking about his plan for school’s saplings and flowers. He fell asleep. He dreamt that he and Fawad had gone to school and pulling out the trees from the football ground. Meanwhile, a strange voice asked that why they are pulling out the trees. That was the voice of the king of trees.

Obaid said that the ground looks nice without trees. The king asked them to close their eyes for a while. They accepted and when they opened their eyes, the trees were disappeared from the school. They became happy and went to play football. After a few minutes, the weather became very hot and a heavy wind was blowing and they have to hide somewhere from the wind. They wanted to enter a classroom but the door of the classroom was closed.

The dust particles entered their eyes and they were enough annoyed.

When Obaid woke up in the morning, he went to school and saw that all trees and flowers were on their places, he became happy and take a bucket and watered all trees and flowers and told to his classmate about the benefit of trees and wanted them to water the flowers and trees.