The wondering jackal

  Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Once upon a time there were two jackals, White and Long Tale, in a forest beside with other animals.

One-day the jackals were very hungry and left the home to find something for eating. They walked here and there but found nothing. They got tired and sat under a green tree near a river. 

They saw some ducks in the river. The jackals became very happy and wanted to hunt them but the ducks went to the other side of the river. Long Tale asked White what they could do then.

White said that they saw a camel on the way and would ask her to help them.

They went to the camel and asked her to help them in crossing the river and said her that there are plenty of cane farms across the river.  The camel accepted and crossed them on her back to the other side of the river.

While they wanted to hunt a duck, all the ducks flew away. They became disappointed. When the jackals saw that the camel was eating canes from a field, they became jealous and shouted.

The camel asked them not to shout but the jackals said that when they are hungry, then they shout. A nearby farmer heard their voice and arrived with his dog. The camel went back and the jackals hid in bushes. White hurt her tale and Long Tale hurt his foot.

The farmer and his dog could not find the jackals and he went back with his dog.

White and Long Tale was afraid because it was getting dark and they were not able to go to their home. White said to Long Tale to ask the camel to take them back to the other side of the river. Long Tale said that she would never help them again.

When the camel saw the jackals’ sadness, she went there and crossed them to the other side of the river. White and Long Tale thanked the camel and they went home.