Being Ontime to School


   Written by: Asma Kakar


Salima was a girl living in a village. She was always late to school. As usual, one-day her mother called her to wake up and get ready for school. She said yes to her and went back to sleep.

A few minutes later, her classmates, Masooma and Gul Bashra came and wanted her to go with them to school. As it was late, they left Salima alone. Salima got to school late and the teacher had marked her absent. All classmates laughed at her because she had worn one red and one red sock and she also had put on her right shoe in her left foot and her left one, vice versa.


the problem of being late to school was repeating with her every day and her classmates did not come to go with her anymore.

Another day, Salima wanted to go to school by a near way but there was no one going on that way. A dog chased Salima but there was no one to help her. Salima cried and a villager heard her voice and rescued her from the dog.

The man prevented her from going on that way anymore.

Finally, Salima reached to school and she was marked absent as usual.

The headmaster of the school said to Salima that due to more absent, she could not take part in the final exams. Salima became very sad and promised that she would always be on time to school next year.