Insulting the Vendors is not appropriate


Written by: Abdullah Fazli

 Zubair was a boy from a poor family. He was studying his school in the morning, and in the afternoon, he was selling the gloves and socks which his mother was weaving at home.

One winter day, during selling the socks and gloves, he became very hungry and could not make a sound to attract the attention of customers to his selling items.

Zubair friends, Haseeb and Jamal saw Zubair and went near to him. they mocked him for selling socks and gloves and wearing an old pair of shoes. Zubair asked them to leave him alone because he needed to sell the gloves and socks and buy some necessary items for home.

Jamal laughed at him and said to Zubair that one-day you would become a merchant of socks and gloves.

Jamal and Haseeb bought something for their homes and wanted to go homes.

Along the way, a magician woman stopped them. Jamal and Haseeb were very afraid of her and wanted to run away but the magician captured them and took them to her house. She gave them some socks, gloves, purses and ordered Jamal and Haseeb to sell them in the bazaar and bring the money to her.

She warned them if they did not sell them, she would keep them in the prison. They took the goods to the bazaar. While they were making a sound to sell the goods, the other boys were mocking them.

They became tired of this situation. Haseeb said to Jamal that he has found a way of rescue. Jamal asked about it. Haseeb said they would rob a currency exchange shop in the market and they would give the money to the magician.

They a saw that a money exchanger left his shop for washing his hands. They put their goods in a corner and went to the shop. When they wanted to take the money from the ‌safe, a glass of the window broke and the money exchanger saw them, captured and  beat them.

They wanted to take their goods but there was nothing left in the corner.

Jamal said to Haseeb that it was their fault to mock Zubair for selling goods to make money and they went back to magician’s house and were very sad. They told the truth to the magician.

The magician said that she did not need money and she just wanted them to know their fault. The magician allowed them to go their homes.