“Haven’t You Seen the Camel?”

Essa rides Hamida on his bicycle in the castle's yard. Essa rides very fast. Hamida asks him to ride slow but Essa doesn’t accept. Meanwhile, Lalo Mama comes and Essa hits him with the bicycle. Essa and Hamida fell down from the bicycle and Hamida hurts her leg. Lalo Mama asks Essa to drive the bicycle slowly because it might create some problems for him and he takes them to the corridors of the castle and opens them a window.


In the window, the reporter of the castle talks to some youths about fast driving.

A boy from Kandahar province says:

Once I was riding a motorbike and my speed was high and I increased the speed. I lost my control on the motorbike and I hit a woman. In the result, I broke the woman’s leg and my hand and I paid for the woman’s treatment too. some other boys also tell about their incaution in riding.

Essa says to Hamida if another time, you faced the same problem, say that you haven’t seen the camel.

Hamida asks Lalo Mama about the proverb. Lalo Mama opens another window for their information.

In the window, Marwa asks her grandmother about the story of: have you seen the camel or not? Her grandmother says:

"Once a man lost his camel. He saw a boy in the desert and asked him if he has seen his camel or not. The boy asked: was your camel blind in one eye? The man replied yes then the boy asked was your camel’s one leg lame? The man said yes. The boy asked that have you loaded her raisin and wheat? The man said yes and asked him to show his camel.

The boy said that he has not seen his camel. a quarrel took place between them. The man took the boy to the judge and shared the issue with him. The judge asked the boy to tell the truth to him.

The boy said: I saw that one side of grass was eaten and I thought that the camel is blind in one eye. When I saw the footprints of the camel, they were shown three feet instead of four and I understood that the camel should be lane by one leg. I saw that ants were carrying wheat and flies were gathering on the raisins, I knew that the camel would have been carrying raisins and wheat.

The judge exempted the boy and the camel owner became ashamed. Lalo Mama closes the window.