Rude Rooster

Written by: Abdullah Fazli
Once upon a time, there was a nice crowned rooster living in a house with white and piebald roosters.
One day the crowned rooster went to the white’s house but white did not bring him anything for eating. The crowned rooster got angry and quarreled with the white. 
The white rooster was considering himself the oldest of all roosters and he wanted the crowned rooster to respect elders but the crowned said that he is the master of all, and was mocking the white.
A piebald rooster asked the cause of their fighting. The white complained about the rudeness of crowned rooster and said that he doesn’t respect elders.
The crowned rooster interfered in their talking but the piebald wanted him to wait for what the white rooster says but the crowned rooster did not accept and said that he knows better than other roosters.
The white rooster said that he went to crowned rooster’s house to visit him but he took me to the garbage and wanted me to eat from the garbage. The white rooster went back home.
A few days later, the rooster had a picnic in the garden and they have everything for eating. Meanwhile, the crowned rooster arrived and scattered their food with his feet.
Other roosters wanted him to learn politeness and respect and don’t be rude but the crowned rooster did not accept and continued his scattering foods.
All roosters drove him away from the picnic.
The crowned rooster saw that a red rooster was eating a piece of bread and he wanted to go near him, the red rooster ran away. Meanwhile, a dog attacked the crowned rooster and the crowned cried.
The crowned rooster ran away but one of his wings was broken.
Two days later the piebald rooster saw the crowned rooster standing sad under a tree. The piebald rooster went near him and asked about his health. The crowned rooster told him the whole story and he was regretted what he had done before. The piebald rooster gave him some food and promised to treat him with a broken wing and wanted him to play with all roosters afterward.