Baby Bear

 Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Once upon a time, a few bears were living in a big jungle.One day the cub of the white bear, Papo went toward his friend, Jambo, and told him that he has eaten fish but some fish meat remained between his teeth.

He wanted something for removing the meat. Jambo wanted him to wait for a few minutes that he would bring a thread for this purpose but Papo refused the thread and said that he found a sharp wire.

Jambo prevented and told him that the wire might hurt his gums but Papo did not accept and he entered the wire between his teeth and the wire stuck in his gums and he cries.

Jambo tried to bring it out but he could not.

Papo was crying and Jambo went to take the monkey doctor to bring out the wire from Papo’s mouth but the doctor was not at home and jambo came back to Papo’s house and found him in a very bad health condition.

Meanwhile, some other animals had told the monkeys’ doctor about the issue and the doctor came to Papo’s house.

The doctor said that the wire is stuck in Papo’s gums and had destroyed his two teeth. He brought out the wire from his mouth and blood was flowing from his wound.

Papo regretted that why he did not accept Jambo's advice and he promised that he would never use sharp edge objects for cleaning his teeth afterward.