Year: 28 Week: 45

Episode: 4309

 Scene: 21437

Nazir affects with coronavirus. Mahjabeen blames him that his carelessness caused him this disease.

Nazir insists that he would recover by taking his artificial medicines.

 Scene: 21438

The doctor suggests Gulalai to inform people about the benefit of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Gulalai promise that she would help in this issue.

 Scene: 21439

Nazir is sitting in Sarwar Khan's garden and looks sad.

Sarwar Khan asks about the cause.

Nazir replies that he is sick and took his artificial medicines but they did not affect him.

Sarwar Khan suggests staying at home.

 Scene: 21440

Qambargul wants his father, Akbar to use facemask for preventing coronavirus.

Akbar rejects and says that a facemask cannot prevent coronavirus.

Episode: 4310

Scene: 21441

Mahjabeen says to Gulalai that she thinks that Nazir is infected with coronavirus.

Gulalai insists on sending Nazir to the clinic.

Scene: 21442

Shazia says to Hameeda that Gulalai suggested  to apply the Covid-19 vaccine.

Hameeda says that to not infect with coronavirus, we must apply the Covid-19 vaccine.

Scene: 21443

Nazir is uncomfortable. Mahjabeen wants him to go to the clinic but Nazir denies and says that he has taken his artificial medicines.

Scene: 21444

Gulalai goes to Akbar’s house and wants him to apply the Covid-19 vaccine to all his family members.

Akbar says that this vaccine causes infertility for men and women.

Gulalai denies and says that it is the gossip of some people.

Episode: 4311

Scene: 21445

Nazir complains to the doctor that he is infected for the second time with coronavirus.

The doctor says that if Nazir had taken the Covid-19 vaccine, he might not infect with coronavirus again.

Scene: 21446

Gulalai wants her husband, Majid to take her parents to the clinic for applying the Covid-19 vaccine.

Majid says that the doctor wants money for applying the Covid-19 vaccine.

Scene: 21447

Naseem informs his mother, Rabiagul from bringing her a facemask.

Rabiagul says that she has passed coronavirus disease once and has taken Nazir’s artificial medicines.

Scene: 21448

Mahjabeen asks Gulalai about Nazir’s health condition.

Gulalai replies that he is better than before.