Angry ants

   Written by: Abdullah Fazli             

A yellow and a black ant were neighbors and their houses were on a mountainside.  It was winter and there was no food found.

One day, the yellow ant found some peas and fed himself with them.

Black ant and her children (Fat and Skinny) were also hungry but they found nothing to eat. They saw that the yellow ant has found peas. They went near and started eating peas but the yellow ant was preventing them. Meanwhile, the black ant and her children beat the yellow ant and ate all peas and the yellow ant cried.

The yellow ant was very angry and wanted to take revenge on the black ant.

One day when the black ant was not at home and her children were alone, a big stone slept from the mountain and blocked their home’s gate. The fat and skinny ants were trying to remove the stone from their home’s gate but they could not.

They made a whole and went out of their home. They decided to dig under the stone and thus the stone would fall down.

A grasshopper saw them and wanted them to wait for the arrival of their mother but they did not accept and continue their work.

The skinny ant entered home and the fat ant was standing behind the stone.

The skinny pushed the stone and the stone fell down and he heard the crying of the fat ant. The skinny ant searched but could not find him.

The yellow ant saw that the skinny ant’s back and the head were injured and he was crying. The yellow ant took him to the black ant's house and treated him.

When the black ant informed that the yellow ant took the skinny ant to her home, she thought that the yellow might have taken his revenge on the skinny but when she went home and saw that the yellow ant helped the skinny, she became happy and thanked the yellow ant and she was regretted what she has done before and apologized to the yellow ant.